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    • Amstel Light 2.5%, or Tui NZ draught, Moretti Zero 330ml|$7
    • Steinlager Pure, Stella Artois$8
    • Heineken or Heineken Light$8
    • Hawkes Bay Brewing Pale Ale or Black Duck Porter 330ml$8
    • Leffe Blonde Belgium, Guinness, Cider varieties$9
    • Emersons BookBinder NZ 500ml 3.7%$14
    • Emersons London Porter NZ 500ml 5%$13



    • Doubles; short or tall8.5
    • Straight, on the rocks, or short glass single
    • Liqueurs or top Shelf labels


Non Alcoholic Drinks

    • Classic Pot Teas
      $4.50 for one person, $7 for two
      Tea menu of black teas, fruit, green and herbal teas, with fine china and silver pots. Click here for High Tea.
    • Soft Drinks $4.50
      Bottled Coca-Cola/Diet Coke, Sprite, Bundaberg Lemon, Lime & Bitters or Ginger Beer, ā€œVā€ energy drink, or mix up a juice or lime, or raspberry or currant syrup with favourite fizzy
    • Juices$4.50
      Orange, Feijoa, Tomato, Crisp Apple, Pink Grapefruit or Cranberry.
    • Sparkling Waiwera Water$4.50 / 500mL
      $8 / Litre

      Or still bottled water



    • Short or Long Espresso, Americano
    • Flat white, Macchiato
    • Ristretto, Cappuccino
    • Latte, Hot Chocolate
    • Mochaccino, Vienna, Chai Latte
    • Tall glass or bowlsAdd 
    • Iced Coffee or Chocolate
    • Monin Flavours, DecafAdd 
    • SoyAdd 



    • Short or Long Espresso, Americano
    • Add